The Brokenness of Our Current Agriculture System and How We Can Fix it

30% of all greenhouse emissions are coming from the agriculture sector, and with today’s consumption demand, the statistic is growing. If we won’t stop the harmful effects of the current agriculture system, we might have to face nature’s revenge for all the things we’ve done to it. But it’s never too late to change, and start a regenerative agriculture process.


We Molded Nature to Our Satisfaction Against Its Will

Back in the 1950s, food was being sourced from diverse farms to local markets. People had no access to the pieces of machinery like we do today with qservers discount code. So back then, people had to do everything through manual labor. They knew the value of food because they had to work for it. Today, we forced nature to our advantage and preference through science. We don’t want to wait for the right season to harvest, because there’s a demand we need to fill in groupon promo code events, and more harvest, means more money.

Profit First Before World-Wide Environmental Impact

The fight for the environment has been going on for years. But why is that things are not changing for the better? It’s a simple analogy. The current agriculture processes we have are focused on yielding more crops than conservation of our natural resources. Profit goes first before the world-wide environmental impact. We pursue convenience of next promo code & coupons rather than striving for better alternatives that may save the environment from the destruction humans have caused it.

So, What Are the Solutions?

There are tons of solutions. But it will take a massive change and sincere cooperation of the agriculture sector to successfully apply them with legit booking coupon code. However, if we think about the future generations, all these extra measures are worth taking. We don’t have to wait until nature can give no more.

Choosing Inter-Cropping Instead of Mono-Cultures

farmerInter-cropping is the process of combining different species of plants on the same farm. Most farms avoid this method because they want to focus on yielding the consistent type of crops. Little did they know that when they have done the inter-cropping method right, it will help reduce the damage of pests. This means that farms don’t have to rely on pesticides to deal with this problem. It also helps keep the soil fertile which enables them to offer code promo Zalando lounge and yield a prolific harvest.

Say Yes to Composting

Composting is quite a controversial topic. Composting is banned for several cities and rural areas due to hygiene issues. The use of fertilizers is no different than composting. Hummus-Rich soils from composting contain more nutrients, which produce healthier crops.

More Regenerative Methods for Better Agricultural Processes

When we are serious about making a change, there are unlimited solutions we can apply. One example is diverse farming. Diverse farms don’t rely on pesticides and fertilizers, because they utilize the farm area wisely. There are also simple practices such as planned grazing and silvopasture, which prevents leaving a pasture area lifeless. We can still make the change. The question is how prepared are we to apply these changes.

3 thoughts on “The Brokenness of Our Current Agriculture System and How We Can Fix it”

  1. Vince says:

    This is the reason why I became a vegetarian.

  2. Annette says:

    We have gone too far. Everything is commercialized, even food production.

  3. Cherrie says:

    Looking back, my parents would scold me for not finishing my food. They constantly remind me of the farmers who worked so hard so I can eat. Today, children have no idea about it. They take food for granted thinking that producing it is as easy as pressing a button on a vending machine.

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