I am a single mother with three kids. I was guilty of getting those packed foods because they’re easier to cook. This particular visit to a doctor became my wake up call. I was diagnosed with diabetes. And I look at my children, I said I need to change cause I want to be with them as long as I can. La Ferme a Domicile is a big help for making that change happen.
Jean Gray
Single Mom
Going out to the market to buy fresh good is not my thing. I’m so glad I found La Ferme a Domicile. I can conveniently shop while I’m at work, and my order will be there at my doorstep once I get home.
Lee Chan
College Instructor
I’ve been a customer for an amazing five years. There was never a time this shop failed me. As long as they are in service, I will be a customer.
Anita Collins
Gradeschool Teacher
I’m one of those customers who automated their shopping list. It’s probably just one box to cross off your to-do list, but it saves a lot of time. Their services worked for me. For people who are busy but want to eat fresh, healthy food, La Ferme a Domicile is a good choice.
Marvin Williams
My daughter used to hate vegetables, and I knew that I need to make a move. La Ferme a Domicile did not only delivered fresh, organic vegetables, they also gave me a booklet of recipes. My persistence to teach my daughter to eat vegetables didn’t go to waste, but I didn’t do it alone.
Sarah Parker