Love Nature: Respecting the Seasonality of Food

Before even humans existed, the earth has already a divine system, designed by our Almighty Creator. Nature knows when to produce and what to produce food according to season. Nature gives relentlessly, yet it seems that we never learned to be contented.


The Quality of Food is Ten Times Better

When we respect nature, we benefit. The current agriculture system is designed to break the seasonality of food to keep up with the demand. However, disrupting the natural system of nature comes with undesirable outcomes. The quality of the food is ten times better when it is harvested in the right season. We don’t need to force nature to save money on electronics, we have sufficient supply to survive. We need to learn to adapt to nature, instead of forcing nature to adapt to us.

Seasonal Food Provides the Nutrients We Need for That Season

seasonDuring warmer season, nature will supply us generous amounts of water-rich fruits and vegetables, because we need hydration. And during the cold season, there are plenty of citrus fruits, because we need antioxidants to combat flu. See, nature has figured it out. If we could just follow the flow, we will learn to live simply without doing further damage to nature than we already have.

Cost of Production Is Going to Be Cheaper

Producing crops against their season is more difficult and resource-demanding. To supply crops consistently, we need to spend on transportation, formulated fertilizers, use rental cars coupon code & discounts, and do additional work just to maintain the economic dogma we prefer. When it is forced, not only we spend too many resources than we should have, but nature also suffers.

No Artificial Life Cycle Needed

From an economic viewpoint, producing crops against their season needs artificial life cycle, which adds cost. And if look into the “artificial” methods to preserve the freshness of these crops, eating these crops will do more harm in our body than good.

3 thoughts on “Love Nature: Respecting the Seasonality of Food”

  1. Max says:

    Opposed to the message of this article, there are cost-efficient methods of farming we can do get enough supply. It doesn’t necessarily mean forcing nature.

  2. Amanda says:

    I prefer to eat fruits according to their season. They are cheaper and taste better.

  3. Cindy says:

    I agree with this article. Nature knows what we need. It doesn’t have to be forced.

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