How long is your delivery time?

Delivery is made within 24 hours to guarantee the freshness of our products. Your order can be delivered to your home or your workplace depending on your preference.


How do you ensure the freshness of my order?

For meat, lamb, seafood, and other refrigerated products, we use cooler bags that could last up to 24 hours. Cooler bags have an extra charge. For dry goods, we maintain the desired temperature, so they can keep their vibrant colours and freshness.


I don’t want to pay extra for cooler bags, can I use my own cooler box?

Yes. As long as your storage is designed to maintain a stable temperature, we would be happy to take it and use it for delivering your order.


How do I automate my shopping list to weekly or daily?

For customers who wish to receive fresh deliveries every day or every week, kindly sign up with us and claim your voucher codes. To automate your shopping list, please click the frequency (ex: twice a week) and select your preferred delivery date. You will be prompted to enter your recurring payment details.


Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation of orders can be done as long as the order hasn’t been shipped. We pay upfront for the order to our partners. If you still wish to cancel despite your order is already on the way, kindly contact us as soon as possible.


Am I required to create an account to order?

Yes. You will be prompted to enter your information like your name and your delivery address. All the information that will be asked is necessary for us to be able to complete this transaction.