La Ferme a Domicile brings you healthy food choices daily. In today’s modern world, we have plenty of options. But when it comes to our health, we have to take our choices seriously. The consumerism lifestyle led us to a convenient way of living, yet it took away the healthy habits of simple living like eating fresh food. Today, an average person consumes food with preservatives, and the worst part, he doesn’t know the long term effects of consuming these unhealthy food choices. Take back your health. Eat “real” food. It may seem complicated nowadays with our busy lifestyle. La Ferme a Domicile is your healthy online store where you can buy freshly picked crops with special discounts. We work together with local farmers to deliver fresh and healthy food right at your doorsteps.

GMO-Free Produce

To support the Anti-GMO movement, La Ferme a Domicile works only with organic farmers who have the same ideology. Genetically Modified Organisms are adamant in the agricultural industry. It is almost impossible to distinguish the difference between a GMO-free versus GMO products just with our naked eye. The process of GMO is being adopted by thousands of farmers to yield better crops, produce consistent products, and grow crops that genetically designed to repel pest. At first, it seems that the process of GMO is helpful, but when we study further, it harms the environment and for the people who consume them. La Ferme a Domicile is one of the shops that are against GMO. We believe that our body deserves proper nourishment naturally.


Healthy Choices Within Your Reach

Love your body. Nourish your body with healthy food choices. Be energized, radiant, and healthy by just feeding your body with proper nourishment. Complete your food checklist with La Ferme a Domicile. We offer a convenient shopping experience and bring nature’s goodness from hardworking farmers to your home.

Best Value for Your Money

We work directly with farmers enabling us to offer competitive prices. Regular customers will get offers & coupons every checkout. Buying from organizations like La Ferme a Domicile is a way to help local farmers get better revenue while enjoying the perks of eating healthy. Spending with a cause is the best way to give value to your money.

We Respect the Seasonality of Products

Instead of forcing nature by altering crops’ genetics, our farmers respect the seasonality of their crops. Nature is smart. It yields crop in seasons when we need them the most. Expect that our products may change from time to time due to the seasonality of some items. But rest assured, that all our products are fresh and worth serving to your loved ones.


Fill your fridge with the healthy goodness of freshly harvested crops, directly picked from organic farms. La Ferme a Domicile also deliver cold meat, and other refrigerated products, free from preservatives, harmful chemicals, and steroids.

Join Us

Switch to a healthy lifestyle with La Ferme a Domicile. Get the best value for your money, and enjoy the perks of eating healthy. Start shopping today and get promo codes with freshness guarantee that only La Ferme a Domicile can deliver.

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